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Engineering business

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Business introduction 

 The company has three grade engineering general contract qualification, specializing in the deep cold liquid (LNG, LOX/LIN/Lar and ethylene medium) large normal pressure storage tank, LNG spherical tank, mother tank and small LNG transport ship research and development, design, construction and installation, project management and commissioning and training of EPC engineering services. The customer provides a complete set of solutions for customers in the fields of air separation plant, natural gas liquefaction plant, receiving station, city peak adjustment and storage station, gas supply and gas station and other fields. At the same time, it can provide customers with matching financial services solutions and value-added services.
With the help of advanced three-dimensional design software, finite element analysis software and calculation software, the company has developed and put into operation more than 200 sets of projects, covering the performance of the volume single tank under 50 thousand parties and the full tank of gold, and has completed 50 thousand parties. The technical reserve of prestressed concrete full capacity tank has obtained 9 utility models and 6 invention patents.



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